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Helle Attwood


B.H.Sc. Physio (AUT), Registered Hand Therapist (NZAHT)

Helle is from Denmark and met her husband when travelling in New Zealand.  She immigrated here in 1996 and graduated as a Physiotherapist in 2001. Helle has specialised in Hand Therapy for the last 17 years. Working with hands is something she is truly passionate about.  If an injury or disorder is limiting your everyday life then she will help fabricate customised hand or elbow supports and provides treatments for you to get back to what you love and enjoy. 

Helle enjoys the outdoors with her family and enjoys the local waters - boating, snorkelling and fishing.  She also enjoys gardening and DIY projects. 

Helle feels working as a Hand Therapist is very exciting and brings daily challenges. “I am thankful to be working closely with a team of Post-Graduated trained Physiotherapists as we often have to work closely to help our patients with their upper limb injuries.  I also enjoy working closely with private Hand Surgeons and North Shore Hospital."

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